Empowering Lancer Students and Teachers 

Communications Platform

Many of us are frustrated by how many different communication vias there are, often forgetting whom prefers text or email or FB messenger or Twitter or Snapchat or Slack or…?  So it is easy to realize how difficult it is for La Follette, with such a large and diverse audience, to manage their near-constant stream of communication via several different channels. 


The Communications Dashboard will address this challenge by connecting all of La Follette’s communications platforms and systems in order to track who is (or is not) receiving important messages from La Follette.  The dashboard will also augment La Follette’s innovative Communications Pathways student experience.  This tool will help administrative staff save time and effort, students learn the importance of strategic communication and how to use the technologies that facilitate it, the community learn more about the great things happening at LHS in near real time, and much more. 


Similar Communications Dashboards are utilized successfully in the private sector.  Leveraging their communications expertise, BoV members Anne Marie Malecha and Terrance Jackson have worked with Mat Thompson and Devon Larosa to fine tune the proposal for a dashboard for La Follette.  Adapting this proven tool to a High School is an innovative step that is likely a first in a MMSD school.


The enormous amount of community coordination and communication required in this period of COVID-19 school shutdown demonstrates the ongoing need for a Communications Dashboard.