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Board of Visitors Launches LHS Teacher Enhancement Fund

Through the Foundation for Madison Public Schools, the La Follette Board of Visitors Teachers Support Team has officially launched the Teacher Enhancement Fund. The BoV has already been supporting teachers by providing funding through the school's existing teacher supply program, as well as providing tutoring resources. The fund will continue to support the teacher supply program, while also providing incentives for tutoring like snacks and transportation, as well as additional teacher support and recognition.

The BoV is also working with Sennett and Whitehorse Middle Schools to evaluate their tutoring needs in hopes the La Follette tutoring program and the BoV can assist in those efforts.

Before the new school year starts, the BoV is excited to officially launch these efforts that have been months in the works. You can support the Teacher Enhancement Fund, click here. To learn more about what the BoV is doing to support the La Follette community, click here.

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