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Join the LHS Board of Visitors in Supporting La Follette's Grad Academy and More

An important message from La Follette Board of Visitors Chair, Dan Koellen.

La Follette’s latest graduates just received their diplomas and are starting their journey beyond La Follette.  For many, graduation is one of the premier accomplishments so far in their life.  Unfortunately, some students did not graduate.  As a board, we are embarking on a fundraising campaign to change that, so all students may achieve their goal of graduation.  The focus of the campaign is to help those students most at risk of not graduating to obtain their diploma. Our campaign will accomplish the following:

  • Establish the LHS Grad Academy (School within a School), to help the most-at-risk students graduate

  • Supply teachers with much needed materials for their classrooms and programs

  • Provide consistent and ongoing tutoring to help students that are falling behind

  • Expand the food pantry to include clothing and laundry facilities to better serve students and their families

  • Onboard a communications platform to help the school stay in contact with students, families and the community

We are raising $60,000 to support these projects.  As an incentive, a very generous benefactor has committed to match $30,000 of donations dollar for dollar!  Please keep in mind that what we are setting out to do has been done at other schools and school districts with success, so we have great confidence that this will be very beneficial to LHS students. 

Please donate through our Student Achievement and Diversity Fund today. 

I realize that many of you have been affected by the world and national events that have occurred this spring.  Keep in mind that the students we are helping are the ones that are most vulnerable to the effects of these events.  I have already made my donation, please join me by donating as well.

Just a reminder that we continue to add Lancers to the La Follette Wall of Honor.  Nominate a Lancer by donating at least $500 in their name, the nominee will be placed on the wall after $5,000 have been donated in their name.

To learn more about the Board of Visitors efforts to empower today and tomorrow's Lancers, please visit:

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