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La Follette Alum Nathan Fosbinder Among Creators of Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical

Bethany Rickwald | Playbill

For these TikTok users, a quarantine pastime became the stuff that musical theater dreams are made of.

In a turn of events that was unpredictable even in a year as full of surprises as 2020, Disney’s 2007 film Ratatouille is getting the (virtual) Broadway treatment—thanks to TikTok. What started in the fall with a few users posting songs they’d written for a hypothetical musical version of the animated movie escalated in a matter of weeks to a filmed concert presentation of Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical presented by Seaview Productions, complete with its very own Playbill. The star-studded event (featuring such Broadway names as Andrew Barth Feldman, Tituss Burgess, and André De Shields) will take place January 1 at 7 PM ET as a benefit for The Actors Fund.

Read below to find out what it was like for the artists who sourced the show’s basic ingredients on social media to find out their work would be getting a fully baked professional production.

Nathan Fosbinder What did you create for the show? I wrote an "I Want"-type song for Linguini, "Anyone Can Cook," in which Linguini desperately tries to convince Remy that cooking together can work. I definitely went a little "The Wizard and I" with a sprinkle of Legally Blonde while writing it. I'd also seen some fantasy TikTok casting floating around, and thought there would be no one better than my pal Andrew Barth Feldman, so I asked him, theoretically, if I were to write a song, would he sing it. The rest is Ratatouille history.

What was your first reaction upon hearing your work would be included in Ratatouille: A TikTok Musical? I may have immediately texted "Andrew, the Ratatouille musical has gone too far, and I'm not mad about it." And honestly, I stand by that.

If you were a Ratatouille character, who would you be?

I feel like I'd be Emile. He's really just there to be supportive and eat good food. I feel that. That speaks to me.

This article was originally published by Playbill on December 30, 2020. To view the full story on their website, please visit:

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