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LHS senior, Ava Kaminski, votes for the first time, starts group to register other students to vote

After turning 18 in late September, Ava Kaminski said the first thing she did the morning of her birthday was register to vote.

After casting her own ballot, Kaminski took her passion for voting to the next step by creating the La Follette Votes group. On the group's Instagram page, they post about things like how to change your address when you register to vote, how to find your polling place, how to register to vote online, etc.

The group is led by 12 juniors and seniors at La Follette, only five of whom are 18 years old. The rest, although they aren't old enough to vote, are just as passionate about young voices being heard and wanted to contribute in some way.

"We want to put the building blocks in and make this a lasting effort and make sure that our La Follette students get registered, even when it's not an election year," Kaminski said. "Your government can't do its job if you don't do your part in our democracy."

Editors Note. The La Follette Board of Visitors does not collectively endorse or support any political candidates; we do wholeheartedly support La Follette students becoming informed voters and their participation in elections at the local, state and federal levels. 

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