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Support La Follette by Supporting Madison's Future Ready 2020 Referenda

La Follette High School was built in 1962, with additions in 1965 and 1969. While how students learn has changed remarkably since then, the building is largely the same. Madisonians have an opportunity to change that this November, but supporting MMSD's Future Ready 2020 Referenda.

Students are eager to help lead La Follette into a future that includes bright, spacious areas that support multiple learning styles, collaboration, and a positive school climate. Proposed improvements, that are influenced heavily by La Follette student and staff input, will focus on major reinvestments in classroom spaces and creating additional state-of-the-art labs and STEM space. Instructional spaces will allow for flexible arrangements that support multiple learning styles.

The proposed improvements include creating more breakout spaces for collaboration, redesigning the open-air area known as "The Pit" into an instructional space for experiential and career learning, alleviating passing time congestion by expanding main hallways, adding a welcome center for a more welcoming and secure entrance, creating a centralized location for services like special education, mental health, occupational therapy and more.

While these renovations will primarily focus on improving instructional spaces, the building would also undergo much-needed upgrades to make it more environmentally friendly by overhauling mechanical and electrical systems to provide a sustainable and climate-controlled learning environment.

Improving spaces for community access is also a priority, with upgraded community and athletic spaces, renovated restrooms and much much more.

To learn about all of the proposed improvements, please visit:

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