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Support MMSD Virtual Career Fair

The Madison Metropolitan School District -- led by La Follette's very own MacKenzie Swanson (College and Career Coordinator) -- is hosting a virtual career fair for students to use in the weeks and months to come. With the pandemic dashing any hopes of in-person sessions, this is the next best thing.

As supporters of MMSD, and specifically La Follette students, the LHS College, Career and Community Readiness Team is asking for our help as they organize this virtual career fair.

These videos will be viewed by students, in a lesson format, who are interested in learning more about your specific career. The goal is to have diverse options for our students in hopes of finding a career they have never heard of or one they are currently interested in.

Please add a brief video, 3-5 minutes, to the MMSD Virtual Career Fair Flipgrid, that includes a brief description of your job or career, the required education or skills required to embark on a similar career path, helpful classes and experiences specific to your career, and more. All of the details of what to include in your video are included in the Flipgrid.

You do not need to be a La Follette or MMSD graduate, or live in the Madison area, to participate. Please share this far and wide to help provide a wide variety of careers and professionals for MMSD students.

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