Empowering Lancer Students and Teachers 

Supplies for Teachers

We all know that when you are working on a project at home or on the job, having the right tools and supplies determines whether you get the job done or not.  Teachers, at La Follette and other MMSD schools, have the same experience but unfortunately don’t have all the supplies they need.  It is estimated that, on average, each MMSD teacher spends about $500 of their own money for supplies.


We aren’t the first to work on this.  Last school year the La Follette Boosters Club, teacher Betsy Hood and her Vocational Skills class kicked off a similar program.  In addition, the Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools (FMPS) ran a very successful pilot program, Teachers PETS Supply & Support Program, at three schools.  Mike Conway, Ted Ryan and Amber Jackson are already coordinating with these two programs to escalate the support for La Follette’s Teachers.  Betsy and her class already has the supply process in place and FMPS has already established relationships with suppliers. 


We have the right people working on making this program a success but it also takes money to buy the supplies.  This is how you, a La Follette Lancer, can help.