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The La Follette High School Board of Visitors

Our mission is to bring resources and experience back home to empower students and faculty while building community. #TheFutureStartsAtHome  Learn and see more about us.

​The La Follette Board of Visitors (BoV) act as advocates for La Follette High School.  Extending the Board of Visitors model utilized extensively at many world-class Universities, the La Follette BoV is the only High School BoV in the Madison Metropolitan School District - maybe in the entire state of Wisconsin.   Once again, Lancers are leaders in giving back to La Follette and their community.

What we do

We work to empower students and faculty through community.

Typically a high school has alumni and community support groups that are focused on fundraising and athletics.  By establishing the La Follette Board of Visitors we are expanding the avenues that alumni, parents and other patrons may give back and support La Follette High School.   We have assembled teams that work not only in Fundraising but also in Business Relations, Community Relations, Student Support and Teacher Support.   For those that are an expert in social media or communications - Community Relations team can use your help.  If you have extensive business and community contacts - sign up to help the Business Relations team.  For those that are motivated to working with students and teachers - then consider helping the Student Support and Teacher Support teams.


So no matter where your strengths lie, we can use your help.  


Teacher & Student Support:

  • We’ve connected students to STEM related internships. Also, to address food insecurity, we’ve bolstered an on-campus food pantry.


  • We have an endowment fund of more than $100,000, the third largest of 50 MMSD schools

  • Donations have supported a new greenhouse, and participation in the Robotics Club and Summer Science & Olympiad.


  • We’re celebrating students and faculty by sharing accomplishments with the community through traditional and social media.

Business Relations:

  • We connect local businesses with LHS students and faculty for real world experience.

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