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For many of us, La Follette brings back great memories and a lasting appreciation for the positive impact on our life. Whether it was a teacher, principal, coach or friend many people made our time at La Follette special. With this in mind, a Wall of Honor was built in recognition of La Follette’s 50th Anniversary and provide an opportunity to recognize those that made our time at La Follette so special.  Though we are well past La Follette's 50th anniversary the Wall of Honor is still being used to recognize special Lancers.  You can be part of this by nominating and voting with your donations for those noteworthy La Follette Lancers.


How it works:

  1. Make a nomination with a gift.

  2. Once a person reaches $500 in gifts they will become a "Lancer Wall of Honor" nominee. All nominees who receive at least $5,000 in gifts will be placed on the Wall of Honor. The Wall of Honor is on the south brick wall in the commons area of La Follette.

The donations for Wall of Honor nominees may be made to any fund that has been set up for La Follette.  The funds for La Follette are described here.  When making the donation be sure to include in the comment section that the gift is for a Wall of Honor nominee.

Current Wall of Honor Placements:

  • Jack Chvala - placed  by Chuck Chvala

  • Darrin Graham - placed by Summit Credit Union​

  • Kim Kindschi - placed by Pete Gunderson

  • Keith Larson - placed by Kim Pollock

  • Paul McIntosh - placed by Mark Mueller

  • Rod Witte -placed by Jim Di Loreto with additional gifts from Joan, Dan & Ruth Pechauer, Joe Chvala, Kristin Ilda, Russ Wanta & Rebecca Mickelson​​

  • David Maas - placed by Diane & Steve Landry, Claudia Maas, Bob & Rita Reif, and Bernie & Jean Wiggins

  • Michael Meissen & the Meissen Family - placed by Marvin Meissen, Chuck Chvala, Pat Meissen, Terry Meissen and Kyle Mathews, Phil and Gale Meissen, Anna (Meissen) Brown and Michael Brown, Christina (Meissen) Dunn and Michael Dunn, Michael Meissenl​

  • Roger Hujik - placed by Chuck Chvala

  • Annie Greencrow Whitehouse - placed by the Ho-Chunk Nation

  • August Vander Meulen - placed by Mark Mueller with additional gifts from Kim & Carol Kindschi and Roger Westmont

    • First Head Principal at La Follette High School​

  • Charles (Chuck) Sommers - placed by Mark Mueller

  • Paul Rabenhorst - placed by Chuck Chvala

  • Susan Erickson Saunders - placed by Dan Koellen​ with initial nomination by Ronald Saunders

  • Ted Obler -​ placed by Chuck Heath, Mike Meissen and Sean Storch

  • Tom Chritton - ​placed by Mark Mueller

  • Jim Sponem - placed by the gracious contributions of family, friends, neighbors, teammates, colleagues and classmates

    • Alumnus (’69); LHS fan, advocate and parent; STEM mentor and lifelong east-sider​

Future Wall of Honor Placements:

  • Beverly Lampe - to be placed by Mike Conway 

  • Bruce Swanson - to be placed by Dan Koellen​

  • Paul Swanson - to be placed by Dan Koellen

Current Nominees for Placement on the Wall of Honor:

  • Kay McGuire - nominated by principal Robert Reif

    • Retired English teacher 

  • Barbara Norene - was nominated by principal Robert Reif

  • Ken Roberts - was nominated by principal Robert Reif

    • Retired Math Teacher, Coach and Athletic Director​

  • Sue Rood - was nominated by principal Robert Reif

    • Retired Guidance Counselor​

  • Al Schroeder - was nominated by his wife Alta and children Pam, Rick & Rob Schroeder

    • Retired History teacher and Coach 

  • Dennis Bergren - was nominated by Christopher & Judith Bradle 

    • Retired German teacher ​

  • Hal Rebholz - was nominated by Patricia Kaeding

    • Retired Assistant Principal and Student Council Leader ​

  • Robert Rief - nominated by Kay McGuire

    • Retired Head Principal ​

  • Jerome Flowers - nominated by Sean and Angela Storch​

  • Michelle Olsen - nominated by Sean and Angela Storch

  • Mike Corbett - nominated by Sean and Angela Storch

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