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La Follette Individual Endowment Fund

The La Follette Endowment Fund provides annual income that is used to provide grants to faculty and staff.  These grants are used to provide learning experiences that are beyond the ordinary school budget.  Past grants have helped in diverse areas as Music and STEM.

  • Using a grant of less than $1,000 an introductory guitar class was established.

“This class has provided an entry point for instrumental music that was not previously available to students.  Kids that had not shown an interest in music are now realizing their talent”

  • A grant of $2,500 was used to purchase 3-D Body Sculpture and Function Models which enable students to create a model from a book concept and ultimately apply it to their own body.

“With this tool concepts become alive and more realistic, reinforcing the lesson and enhancing collaboration among students as they build the models”

All gifts are made through the Foundation for Madison's Public Schools, a 501c3 organization, so all donations are deductible in compliance with applicable regulations.

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