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Community  Relations Team

Mission:  Engage La Follette High School, its staff, students and supporters with the broader Madison community, through targeted strategic communications, community contacts and events, and other means of impactful information-sharing  

The Community Relations Team will accomplish its mission by:

  • Helping faculty streamline communication channels with primary constituencies

  • Enhancing the media outreach skills of key faculty and staff;

  • Working with faculty, students, and staff to gather newsworthy information;

  • Facilitating effective communication strategies to inform the public of such information;

  • Coordinating with other Board of Visitor Teams to promote specific fundraising and outreach initiatives;

  • Developing a strategic, but simple and flexible, internal Board of Visitors communication strategy.

Team Members:  Nan Brien (Director & Team Co-Lead), Sally Jackson (Director), Terrence Jackson (Director), Anne Marie Malecha (Director & Team Co-Lead), Mark Redsten (Director)

This is our WHY
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