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There are so many different ways you can give back to La Follette

All of us have our own personal reasons for supporting La Follette and we all have the potential to make a difference.  Recognizing this, we have a wide range of opportunities for support.  Please take time to reflect on your time at La Follette and the influence it had on your life as you choose the way you would like to provide support.

Monetary donation to a specific project

It is easy to direct your gift to where you want to make a difference.   Funds have been set up so you may support Athletics, Business and Marketing, Language and Social Sciences, Music and Arts, Student Achievement and DiversitySTEM or Teacher Enhancement.   Since these are pass through funds, your gift is available to use immediately. 

Monetary donation to the Capital Fund or La Follette Endowment Fund

Gifts to the La Follette Capital Fund are immediately available to use where needed, as determined by Principal LaRosa, for capital projects at La Follette.

The La Follette Endowment Fund provides annual income for faculty and staff to support special teaching opportunities.  Support is provided through grants that are reviewed and approved.

Volunteering your time and skills to speak with classes about your life and work experiences

Joining a team as a member of the Board of Visitors

Giving time by being present at a La Follette event

Why Should You Give to La Follette High School?

La Follette High School continues to educate and challenge its students to prepare them for the journeys that lie ahead of them.  But not everything can be done with the budget received from state and local sources.  No matter the size or designation of your gift, it will be used effectively and in a timely manner.  Already La Follette has used gifts that have made a positive impact on its students and faculty.

“I recognize that the education and support I received as a student needs to be paid forward, now it is my turn to ensure that today's students have as much of an opportunity to learn, compete, and thrive as I did.” – Mark Mueller, Class of 1974

"My alumni gifts to La Follette are a reflection of my positive high school experiences; and, knowing the potential for good, placing trust in those students who follow our steps."  - Nathan Brown, Class of 2002

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