• Devon LaRosa

    Director / Current LHS Principal

  • Mike Meissen

    Director - Business Relations

    Michael (Mike) Meissen graduated from La Follette in 1977 and was La Follette’s Principal from 1992 – 2006 and is a Director on the Business Relations Team. Mike wants to impact the future success of LHS Graduates and their families, and is interested in developing a pipeline of educators to serve in the teaching profession for the future. One might say Mike has always had a family member attending and/or working at La Follette over the past 6 decades – since it opened. Mike is Class of 1977, Karen (Wife, deceased 2009) - Class of 1976, Debbie (Wife, married 2015) - Class of 1977, Kristina (Daughter) - Class of 2002, Brad (Son) - Class of 2003, Katelyn (Daughter) - Class of 2005 and his father, Marvin, was a Science teacher at La Follette (1963 – 1968). Mike has many extended family members in the LHS community as well. Mike is currently working at Edgewood College – School of Education, Office of Clinical Experiences. He currently lives in Middleton, WI.

  • Chuck Chvala

    Director - Business Relations

    Chuck Chvala is a Director on the Business Relations Team and is a 1973 La Follette Graduate. Chuck’s family also has strong connections with La Follette. His sister, Mary Pat is a Class of 1976 who worked at La Follette as a teacher and subsequently as a resource officer from the Madison Police Department. His brother, Joe, is a Class of 1974 graduate. Chuck’s father, Jack, taught at La Follette for 25 years and was the first hockey coach. Jack is on La Follette’s Wall of Honor. Chuck is an attorney, real estate developer, and entrepreneur. Chuck earned his bachelor’s degree in political science and law degree from UW Madison in 1978. He served in the Wisconsin Legislature for 22 years, including 20 years in the State Senate. He served three terms as Senate Majority Leader and was the Democratic Candidate for Governor in 1994. As a Majority Leader, Chuck championed Wisconsin’s SeniorCare prescription drug program and statewide expansion of the SAGE program reducing class size for K-3 students in public schools. Chuck currently lives in Madison, within the La Follette High School attendance area.

  • Mark Mueller

    BoV Co-Chair / Director - Business Relations

  • Terrance Jackson

    Co-Director - Community Relations

  • Nan Brien

    Co - Director - Community Relations

  • Nate Brown

    Director - Fundraising

    Nate graduated LHS in 2002 and has been organizer of a class scholarship for a Senior student for annually for over 7 years. Nate brings web development experience to the BOV Fundraising team.

  • Brea Kleine

    Director - Fundraising

    Brea (Davis) Kleine graduated from La Follette in 1995 and is a Director on the Fundraising Team. Brea has 2 kids that graduated from LHS in 2015 & 2018. "My experience at La Follette was grounded in Choir with Director Rod Witte and the Dance Team (aka Poms) with Coach Patrice Bentley. I have stayed involved with LHS 50 Fest, planning Alumni Choir Reunion Concerts, Chairing the LHS 50th Celebration Gala, helping as assistant coach of the dance team and on the Board of Visitors." ​ Brea lives in Madison and is the Operations Manager at Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS). She also works for Virginia Davis School of Dance.

  • Dan Koellen

    Co-Chair / Director - Fundraising

    Dan is a 1975 La Follette graduate. He has been involved in fundraising and advocating for La Follette since 2004. Dan resides in Northern California.

  • Andrew Bentley

    Director - Membership

  • David "Benji" Benjamin

    Director - Student Support

  • Terry Meissen

    Director - Student Support

  • Mike Conway

    Director - Teacher Support

  • Amber Jackson Amundson

    Director - Teachers Support

    Amber (Jackson) Amundson graduated from La Follette in 2002 and is a Director on the Teacher Team. She currently lives in Minneapolis, MN.   "I had an amazing high school experience that I think was special because of the relationships and community support of LHS. I want to be a part of the community and provide that support to the current students." ​ Amber is currently a second-grade teacher at Webster Elementary in MN.

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